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About us

Pink Cherry Studio is headquartered in Baar, Canton of Zug which is the cherry canton par excellence.


When blossoming season comes, trees are covered of this light pink color signaling the beginning of spring, a time of renewal and optimism.


That is the reason why we called the Company "Pink Cherry Studio".


We believe the world is at the spring time to evolve to e-commerce more sustainable and local built on customized product experiences.

That's the model you will find in our company through our product and portfolio services supported by a comprehensive experience in graphic design, engineering and languages spoken (Swiss German, German, Afrikaans, English and French).


All our portfolio is customizable thanks to a powerful combination of professional software (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator), laser cutting and engraving industrial machine and team skills.


We are offering our services to help you to turn your idea into products based on our skills and current equipment.


We do not have an online shop as all our products are custom made to fit each customers needs. On our Portfolio page you can find a variety of products we have made for other customers.

Lasercutting and Engraving

With our Laser we can cut and/or engrave following products:



WOOD - signs, photo engraving, lamps, clocks, Dekor, boxes, crates ...


GLASS - engraving on glasses, bottles, mirrors ...


ACRYLIC - postbox signage, cake toppers, signage, door dekor ...


RUBBER - custom stamps



Our doors are opened to designers and creative industries with their ideas & products manufactured locally, in a relatively fast & cost-effective manner.


We can help you to personilize your products and support your branding.

The laser technique used allows a production of unique or mini-series products.


Whatever is the stage of your project, preliminary or fully developped status, we can turn your idea in a real product using large variety of material (rubber (stamps), wood, MDF, paper, carton, glass, aluminium, plexiglass, acrylic).

We offer services for laser cutting, engraving for your prototypes, visual artist, signs ...



We are here to help. Contact us today in regards to any future project, existing idea or materials question. Do not hesitate to ask any questions, write to us at info@pinkcherrystudio.com



Please provide us with your Information and a Brief description of your Project. You can fill in the Contact form or send us an email. If you wish to send an excisting file, please send to info@pinkcherrystudio.com

Please allow 2 working days to get back to you with a proposal.

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